Vertical baler machine for waste recycling
Vertical Balers Simple and efficient

Awell Pres offers a wide selection of vertical balers to suit your baling needs. Our vertical balers are designed to be the solution for all type of materials in a variety of industries. It helps businesses to reduce cost in storage and transportation by reducing the volume of the wastes, while earning additional income by the sale of the baled materials.

In our vertical baler product line, it starts with the small model which is popularly used in limited space such as vessels and buildings. The mid-sized vertical balers are designed to process larger loads while saving your precious floor space. The large vertical balers are perfect for factories, wholesalers, and manufacturers, ideal for producing high density bales quickly and efficiently.

If you are not sure which product will work the best for you, contact our knowledgeable sales team for more information and quotation today!


  • Significant waste volume reduction
  • Unique compact design for precious floor space saving, fits into low ceilings and doors
  • Energy-efficient
  • Reduces recycling costs
  • Reduce cost in labor, time, storage and transportation

Awell Pres baler M series vertical cardboard baler
hydraulic baler press machine for waste paper and cardboard
*Unique tying system design
*PET or wire tying options available 
*Lower wire consumption
Corrugated Board
Can baler
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Medical Waste
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