Horizontal Scale Bagging Baler
Awell Pres scale bagging baler allows the operator to monitor bale weight in real time with high level of precision, delivering uniform bagged bales with improved efficiency and reduced cycle time.

Awell Pres scale bagging baler is widely used in a variety of industries including textile recycling, rag exporting, farms, pet food manufacturers and many others. This type of baler is special designed to produce bagged bales for small size loose materials. The built-in scale allows the users to control the bale weight in accordance to your specific needs. Our horizontal bagging baler will also work well for facilities that often produce loose waste materials during production, and the resale of the bagged bale will bring additional income and reduce environmental footprint.

Features & Benefits

  • Push Button Control 
  • Electrical weighing scale 
  • Robust Construction
  • Easy maintenance
  • Plastic or woven bags

  • Used Clothing
  • Rags
    • Leaves
    • Fibre
    • Sawdust
    • Shredded Paper
    • Wood Shaving
    • and other similar materials

    Awell Pres has developed a series of Bagging machines for baling and bagging loose products of many natures and formats, the range of bagging machines that Awell Pres can offer goes from the simplest bagging baler to the most complex and specialised automatic baling/bagging lines, all distinguished by the same attention to detail and the customer's needs. No matter the size of your project and your budget, Awell Pres can provide you with the reliable compression baggers that you are looking for.

    Horizontal Scale Bagging Baler
    ModelBale Size (W*H*L)mmBale Weight (KG)Voltage(Customizable)
    Machine Size L*W*H (mm)
    Machine Weight (KG)Package Size W*H (mm)

    Why do you need a baler machine from Awell Pres?

    There are many benefits an AP baler can bring to your business from the waste management perspective. It will reduce your costs of recycling, reduce the space taken up in your waste storage room and reduce your environmental footprint. It even brings additional income by selling the recyclable materials to the recycling companies. Many of our customers were troubled by the issues caused by waste materials in their businesses, until they spoke with one of our knowledgeable staff for advice.

    We understand there are so many types of balers to choose from the market and you may not know which type would work the best for you. Contact one of our staffs today for the best solution within your budget. 

    Working with AP, you will get a solution that fits your specific needs, we deal with our customers with integrity and honesty.

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