Double Chamber Textile Baler
Awell Pres double chamber baler is a robust machine built with heavy duty steel, particularly tailored designed for textile materials especially used in clothing recycling industry. The twin chamber feature greatly increases the working efficiency, made it the suitable machine for clothing recycling facilities that deal with large volume daily. 

The ideal behind the twin chamber system is while one of the chambers performs baling process, the other chamber perform the material loading process. When the loading is finished, the chamber rotate and displace, and the compression cycle is repeated.

Unique lifting chamber loading system allow the Awell Pres textile baler to maximize its production while reducing labour input requirement. The vertical compact design significantly reduce the precious floor space used compare with other larger machines.

Features & Benefits

  • Double chamber design for improved production
  • PLC Control 
  • Chamber rise-up feature allows easy wrapping and strapping 
  • Reliable and low Maintenance
  • Robust construction
  • 40 tons compression force ensure dense and heavy bale

  • Used clothings/shoes
  • Towels/rags
  • Fiber
  • Other similar soft materials

Double Chamber Textile Baler
Double Chamber Textile Baler
ModelHydraulic ForceBale Size (W*L*H)Feed Opening SizeBale WeightVoltagePower
JP-D40T40 tons27.6'' X 15.7'' X (11.8''-27.6'')
700 X400 X(300-700) mm
27.6'' X 15.7''(700*400mm)
66 - 176 lbs
30-80 kg

Why do you need a baler machine from Awell Pres?

There are many benefits an AP baler can bring to your business from the waste management perspective. It will reduce your costs of recycling, reduce the space taken up in your waste storage room and reduce your environmental footprint. It even brings additional income by selling the recyclable materials to the recycling companies. Many of our customers were troubled by the issues caused by waste materials in their businesses, until they spoke with one of our knowledgeable staff for advice.

We understand there are so many types of balers to choose from the market and you may not know which type would work the best for you. Contact one of our staffs today for the best solution within your budget. 

Working with AP, you will get a solution that fits your specific needs, we deal with our customers with integrity and honesty.

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